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Security company video production. The security and military sector around the world is at the forefront of technological development with huge budgets from governments and private companies Security marketing videos require a slightly different approach during the production process as the demands are always very high and the issue of security clearance is ever present. In order to produce videos for security companies and organizations, a diverse array of experience, knowledge and abilities are required.

All about security company video production

The world of security

Many countries have been investing huge amounts of money in the military and homeland security (HLS) market for many years. Terrorist organizations, conflicts between countries, disputed and threatened borders – all of these have made the field of security a permanent and weighty component of government budgets all over the world.

Security projects are long-term, and extremely complex. They often depend on multi-year budgets approved at the highest levels in governments and armies – senior command, defense ministers, chiefs of staff, etc. Security companies and corporations around the world compete for large tenders to provide defense, weapons and control systems for armies, police and intelligence organizations in various countries. The competition has expanded and with it the need to find new marketing methods that will allow a substantial advantage against the growing competition.

High Demands

Marketing videos for the security market are highly complex, and often combine live action footage, animation and graphics to illustrate complex and classified processes which are complicated to present. 

Security company videos aimed for the target audience of decision makers in the defense system are required to present a concept or system in a very clear, timely manner. Due to the fact that it is sometimes a one-time presentation to the most senior command levels in defense companies, the IDF or foreign armies – there is no second chance to make a first impression. Air defense systems, missiles, satellites and planes – complicated and advanced systems whose operation requires the videos to be simplified and summarized. All of this places a particularly high standard of demands on the field of defense marketing in general with an emphasis on security marketing videos. Another field of expertise are security systems instructional videos, used for training on complex and sometimes dangerous scenarios.

Video production – Sensitivity and Clearance

The production process of marketing videos in the field of defense is fundamentally different from the production of marketing videos for other fields. First of all, these are often classified and sensitive subjects. And it’s not just about security sensitivity – business clearance is also of immense importance. It is enough for a competitor to receive sensitive information about a groundbreaking product in order to thwart a huge deal or copy a patent worth millions of dollars.

In order to produce the videos and be exposed to the content, the production company must employ professionals with a suitable security clearance whose credibility with the customer is not in doubt. Security customers are known to be very suspicious of new suppliers – and keep working with the same suppliers they trust for many years.

The field of security clearance requires lengthy processes of inspections and approvals by competent bodies on behalf of the government. The higher the level of clearance, the longer and more complex the process. From background checks, through in-person interviews to rigorous lie detector tests. After receiving the clearance, the professionals are required to work in different conditions than in regular projects. Many entities possess special video equipment that has passed appropriate approvals for classified work. Editing and animation work is often required to be carried out in special areas such as at bases or secured facilities due to the fact that certain materials cannot be taken out for editing elsewhere.

Proven Security video production Experience

Over the years we have produced many videos for the defense establishment and defense companies that export their products and systems all over the world. The security field is characterized by high production requirements, tough schedules and challenging technical complexity.  The main challenge in producing a marketing video in the field of security is the presentation of extremely complex processes in a clear and concise manner. Videos which we have produced for the security field have been shown at exhibitions worldwide, and also presented to decision-makers in the defense system in Israel as well as in many countries Our experience working with security agencies allows us to understand their unique needs, and plan the next production accordingly. 

Our production staff holds high-level security clearance, and are very experienced in working with security agencies, for the variety of requirements and restrictions it places. And our company  A. Ein Hashofet Productions Ltd. is an approved supplier of the Ministry of Defense. For security reasons, we cannot show you all the videos we have produced here on the site, but you can be impressed by various production options. For over 20 years we have specialized in producing promotional videos and product videos for the IDF and leading security companies in Israel, including Rafael, IAI, Elbit Systems, TSG, the Home Front Command, the Israeli Air Force, classified units in the Intelligence Division and more. Our highly competent team consists of professionals at the highest level such as directors, photographers, editors and animators. 

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