Agricultural videos

Agricultural videos – examples 

Agricultural videos that are created for marketing are often quite different from each other. There are marketing video productions or commercials that require an emotional and global perspective while other productions are actually looking to convey a more technical message, which will explain things to the target audience in a functional way. No matter what you are looking to produce – a marketing video, promotional video, product video or any other type of video, the purpose of the production and its target audience will dictate the nature of the marketing video.

All about agricultural video production

Agriculture and Technology – Video Production

In recent years the field of agriculture has seen significant developments. No longer does the old stereotype of a farmer plowing a field in an old tractor dominate our thoughts – but instead robots for agricultural harvesting, sophisticated irrigation systems, remote control and monitoring options and more are the mainstream in modern agriculture. The world of agriculture contains many sub-areas – crop growing, animal herding, companies that specialize in the development of agricultural machinery, support services for farmers, water technologies and much more. With new innovations come new marketing challenges – promotion of products in international markets, large exhibitions and websites. As more companies enter new fields in the world of agriculture – so does the competition for the attention of the end customer – the farmer.

Producing promotional videos for the field of agriculture or producing product videos for exhibitions, meetings, advertising on websites, presentations… is the most successful way to stand out from the competition.

Promotional videos – the best way to display agricultural products

The world of agriculture gives us wonderful landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, and amazing fields. All of these provide an opportunity to create videos with special beauty, great atmosphere and fascinating content. In order to produce an agriculture video for marketing, an in-depth understanding of the agricultural product or service is required. The agricultural world is very different from other fields such as High Tech or Medical. During the research phase, we meet with the farmers, often in the field, and together with them understand their needs, and how the marketing video will promote them and their company or product in the most successful way. At this point the script will be written for the video, where it will be decided on the best production methods – footage, animation, and whether narration or titles will be required. Many companies operate internationally, and as a result the video is required to be produced in several languages simultaneously.

The Seasons and agriculture film productions 

The agriculture world depends on the seasons and the sun. Therefore when starting to plan the production – long term planning is required before going forward. There are certain events in the world of agriculture – sowing, winter rains, spring blossoms and wheat harvest – that cannot be postponed or controlled. What was not filmed – will have to wait a whole year, and sometimes even longer. Sometimes a quick response and filming at very short notice is required in order not to miss such events. Moreover – when going out to produce in the field – the rising sun never waits for anyone… It takes strict adherence to times, orderly production planning, and knowledge of the conditions of the field.

Filming in the agricultural world poses many challenges for the production team – weather conditions, dangerous agricultural machinery and large spaces. In order to deal with such conditions, prior experience and knowledge are required. There is a solution to every problem – small action cameras for installation and remote work, means of protection for cameras in the rain, and advanced drones for filming landscapes and fields. In some scenarios, it is impossible to shoot some processes. In these cases the ability to produce Animation videos is of great help. 

Why produce your videos with Ein-Hashofet Productions?

Ein Hashofet Productions has extensive experience in producing agriculture videos , and we adapt each video production to the customer and the product, in accordance with the requirements and needs to create bespoke solutions. From videos for startups developing a revolutionary product or service in the field of agriculture, to well established companies that boast many decades of experience in the global agricultural market.

We have been specializing in the production of promotional videos for over 20 years for leading companiesOur team consists of professionals at the highest level. We employ cameramen, editors, animators and content people. Everyone works hard to achieve one goal – producing quality marketing videos that will serve the purposes of your business.

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