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What is an Instructional Video?

The phrase “instructional video” often evokes associations of a boring piece of material, tiredly laden with theoretical and dry content which fails to penetrate the viewers’ hearts and convey the message to them. This does not have to be the case! 

Instructional videos production should have interesting and rhythmic content. The videos must attract interest and convey the instructions in an attractive manner. Training videos offer a better alternative to the usual training methods such as presentations and frontal lectures.

Video production – The best way to Channel information

An explanatory video makes it possible to convey the material learned in three channels of information simultaneously-
image, sound and text subtitles. This way we can ensure that the relevant and important information is passed on to the viewer in a clear and unambiguous manner. Producing such an instructional video should be as professional as producing any other video. A training video is required to be very clear and should be presented in a way that retains the attention of the target audience. The understanding that instructional videos production does have commercial goals (unlike marketing videos)  is very important both to the client and to the production company.

The best technique for producing an instructional video – Tutorials, training & safety

Live action video? Animation? Illustrations? Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, some may be more suitable than others for certain types of movies. The team of Ein Hashofet Productions will accompany you all the way from the concept, through the production stage, all the way to the editing and give you guidelines and emphases based on their rich experience in the field and the people for whom the training is intended.

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