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Promo videos – examples

Advertising videos and digital commercials, like marketing videos, have proven time and time again to be one of the most effective tools for promoting products, services, and websites on the internet. Online videos get far more exposure and interactions than any image or text. The production of an advertising video for online distribution is one of the main advertising channels nowadays, and the fine line that separates marketing videos from commercials is slowly disappearing.

All about marketing video production

How can a promotional video promote your business?

In general, almost any short promotional video can be defined as a digital marketing advertisement. And yet it can be said that promotional videos, compared to product videos for example, are both of a more sophisticated nature, and are usually shorter. Their purpose is to get the viewer to purchase the product without showing each of its technical components or talking about the manufacturing company. Online commercials convey their message immediately, and try to attract the viewers’ attention in a few seconds using the viewer’s emotion with the help of impressive visuals, sexual imagery, familiar music and whatnot.

In today’s world we don’t have a moment without commercials – on TV, radio, mobile devices and computer websites. Advertisers take care to guide their potential consumers at every step. Producing commercials can be expensive, and not all companies are in a hurry to do so. As a result, most of the companies that produce commercials will be relatively large companies, capable of setting up large advertising budgets.

Production of commercials includes significant production costs: screenplay writing, directing, camera crews, actors and more …

It is important to emphasize that with the advances in technology in the field of cameras and editing, you can now produce commercials with significantly lower budgets than in the past. Internet commercials will typically be about 20-30 seconds long and their message will be focused in favor of promoting a product or service.

Digital commercial production process 

  • At the script writing stage, a large number of professionals take part: screenwriters, copywriters and creative people.
  • After the script is approved, preparation for the production starts – casting actors, locating and assembling the team for the shooting days.
  • In every commercial production there are new challenges regarding the nature of the commercial.
  • After the shooting is over, the post production team – editors, musicians and animators – step into action, putting the “final touches” into the commercial – in order to turn it into a final product that will achieve the goals set by the client.

As with any production, when it comes to producing promotional videos it is important to choose a production company with experience and extensive capabilities so that the internet advertisement you produce will do the work for you.

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