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Animation videos – examples

Animated marketing videos serve as an excellent marketing and sales tool for presenting your company or product to potential customers or investors. There are many ways to produce animation videos. In order to convey the message in the best way, it is very important to define the goals of the animated video production as well as the target audience. Once these factors have been determined, the road to choosing the most successful concept and visual style is not a long.Our animation teams at Ein Hashofet Productions have proven experience in hundreds of productions of animated marketing videos for businesses of all types. We will be happy to create with you your next animated marketing video.

All about animation video production

Is an animation video the right solution for your business?​

Around the world, we are experiencing a transition to animation video production. This includes large brands, international companies and small companies too. Many companies who are at the stage of planning a marketing or advertising video campaign, deliberate on the matter of the video style – Should the video be produced in animation or live footage?

We say that the answer to this question should be compering the pros and cons of each type of video production. The script and the nature of the video are the most crucial factor in the succes of the video production. and so choosing the production method. The schedules and budgets available to the customer also carry a lot of weight in determining the type of production.

Animated video advantages

  1. Animated videos for businesses or products allow us more control in the way we present unique services or complex processes. Therefore allowing us to convey sharper clearer messages.
  2. It is much easier to create niche or brand differentiation, as well as create a unique style for the video.
  3. A unique and tailor made animated video, that is produced and designed especially for a specific company or product, creates a new experience for the video audience. Elements such as characters, graphics, music and colors will be different from any other video.
  4. Producing an animated video can provide for viewers a moment of escape from reality. A great method is combining a bit of laughter and enjoyment. One can easily exaggerate situations and make them funnier, crazier, and more surprising in an animation video.
  5. With a clever script, original characters and catchy music, an animated video has a higher chance of going viral and acquiring a much wider audience. In the age of social media, it is of immense importance to achieve as wide a distribution as possible for your content. The more successful and interesting the video – the more likely it is to get more shares – and reach more viewers across the web.
  6. Easley produce the video in a large number of languages for distribution in different countries.
  7. An animated marketing video can be updated along with the product or company, thus allowing the video great flexibility for future changes. In an animated business video, the production company can keep the project backed up, so any future changes will be done easily and quickly.

3D Animation

3D Animation videos are one of the leading areas in the field of marketing videos. Animated 3D videos convey power, prestige and leave a deep impression on viewers. This is because of the impressive visual effects that can be incorporated into an animated video. Things that were once reserved only for productions with huge budgets can now be included in marketing videos for ordinary businesses, thanks to the increase in the capacity of 3D software and the computing power available to the production companies.

2D Animation

2D Animation is one of the most common styles used today for producing animated content. Animated video of this type will, in most cases, require lower costs but will still convey important messages and present characters in an interesting and appealing way to the viewer. Many companies create an entire series of animated videos in two-dimensional animation.

Two-dimensional animation divides into several categories:

1. Animation Motion Graphics (Infographic) –

Production of an animated video that transmits messages using abstract graphics such as logos, data and graphs. This form of production is very suitable for conveying complex messages and processes in a simple and understandable way.

2. Character animation –

allows you to produce an animated video that tells a story in an interesting, funny and appealing way.

3. Kinetic typography

In the context of producing a promotional animation videos for businesses or animation videos for products, this definition refers to videos based on large texts (usually designed according to the company’s branding) that move and change on the screen. This production style is very suitable for social networks, as it catches the eye without the need to hear the sound in the video.

Animation video production for the health industry

Medical videos often require showing illustrated processes that take place inside the human body. These are in many cases areas that cameras cannot go. The animation allows us to create realistic simulations of different organs, and by doing so explain things that in any other way were simply impossible.

Animated videos for Technological developments

Another industry that often uses animated videos is the industry of technological developments. In some cases we would like to show developments that do not yet exist in reality and need to be presented to potential investors. Investors are sometimes required to begin investing in an initial prototype for a product. How does one then explain to those investors the concept of a product that currently exists solely as an idea in the inventor’s head?

An animated video is the ultimate solution to such a situation. A product that is in the development stages can come to life on screen in realistic simulations that will give investors confidence. Producing animated videos is also a preferred option for producing  instructional videos  on various topics:  safety,  technology,  mobile applications  and more.

Security industry animated videos

Another market that makes extensive use of animated videos is the military and security market. This industry faces real challenges when it comes to presenting content.

  1. It is often not possible to take film many places and products related to this field.
  2. Illustrations such as a missile launch, armament system in a fighter jet or an operational flight, are extremely complex events to document.
  3. In most cases, photography teams will be prohibited due to classification and safety restrictions.

So, as you understand, the solution for good video content lies in the field of video animation. We have a lot of experience producing videos for military and defense unites. The animation videos we produced have been presented to senior levels of decision makers in Israel and around the world.

What type of video to produce ?

Each type of marketing video has its advantages and disadvantages. As always, every successful production is based on the right choice of the right type of video for the target audience and the goals that the video aims to achieve. Talk to us today and we will be happy to help and advise you on what production best suit you and your company and product.

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