Explainer videos – A quality explainer video is a tremendous marketing asset. The video will convey in a short time and in the best way, the essence of a product, its benefits and its mode of operation.

A quality explainer video enhances marketing and sales capabilities by creating an original and interesting story that actually demonstrates the benefits and impact of the product in the real world.

Unlike Corporate videos, product explainer videos present a specific product or service, rather than the whole company.

With a good plot and a clever use of imagery an explainer video creates a strong impression on the viewer. The explainer video will allow the target audience feel as if they have already experienced the product (As apposed to just hearing or reading an explanation about it).

Findings from many studies explain why online videos continue to gain momentum as the leading marketing tool, and why it is worthwhile to incorporate movies in the marketing of new products. People remember more information they received through video. Therefore, when companies are required to convey a marketing message about a product in a fast way that will also be remembered by the viewers – producing explanatory videos are the best way to do so.

Whether a company launches a new product, or a new version of software to the market, animated or live action product videos are used as an effective marketing tool.

  • Companies with complex products can use product videos as a tool to simplify and explain their products in the best and simplest manner, thereby making it easier for viewers to understand their product or service.
  • Companies with multiple products can produce a series of branded explainer videos as they introduce a new product line.
  • Large software companies, for example, create movies to announce each of their new products; from document management to complex CRM systems.

Product videos easily and comprehensively explain the features of new products to customers, giving them a good reason to be interested in the product.

Explainer videos differ from marketing videos in few key points:

  • Marketing videos usually deal with content that aims to create a first impression and give viewers a general acquaintance with the company or brand. Explainer videos – in contrast – focus on the benefits of using a particular product or service.
  • Explainer videos are very effective in describing the way a product will help the customer solve a particular problem or meet a specific need.

In order to create a high quality and effective explainer video, it is extremely important to understand the nature of the target audience and to do proper market research. Furthermore, we need to understand the essence of the competition and take these insights into account when creating the script and concept of the video

There are many companies who make use of explainer videos – HighTech companies, Agricultural companies and Military and security companies

Our explainer videos at Ein Hashofet Productions are produced to the highest standards both in live action video and animation.  We provide comprehensive solutions – Starting at the concept creation , production and right through to the finished product. 

Our team  consists of professionals at the highest level. Cameramen, editors, animators and content people. Everyone works hard to achieve one goal – Presenting your product in the best and serve your marketing goals.