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Industry or technology?

We are well into the 21st century. Technology keeps advancing and surprising us over and over again. It seems like the whole world revolves around startup and technology companies – computers, software, apps and what not. But behind the scenes the real locomotive that drives the world economy is good old-fashioned industry. Since the Industrial Revolution the economy of most countries has depended on their industry. Minerals, energy, automotive, aviation, communications – these are just a few of the industries that produce most of the things we are accustomed to use in our daily lives.

The industrial world is conservative and evolves slowly. Unlike the breakthroughs and rapid revolutions in technology we have seen in recent decades, a fundamental change in the traditional industrial world takes years and even decades.

Marketing and Video Production in the Industrial World

The field of marketing and media in the industry is no different. Until recently, many industrial companies did not have a marketing communications system at all. Many websites looked like they were taken straight out of the 1990’s, and no social media presence whatsoever. Only in the early 2000s did many companies realize that in today’s marketing world – if they do not have digital marketing – they pretty much don’t exist. Many of their potential customers may not even find them on the web.

Even in the field of marketing video production, the world of industry lagged far behind. Factories and companies produced videos only for special events – exhibitions, international delegations, visits of important guests and various ceremonies. These videos were produced every few years – and after a short time became irrelevant.

Slowly but surely, even the oldest companies in the industrial world began to progress in the field of digital marketing. Websites were built, social networking pages were created – and with them came the need for quality media production to attract the attention of visitors Marketing people were recruited for the purpose of transitioning to the digital world. Companies began to produce more content – Product videosinstructional videos and more. Despite all this – industrial companies face another challenge when they come to make a marketing video – industrial enterprises often reside in old dirty buildings, far from being flashy and impressive high-tech companies. A good marketing video can make any production site look at it’s best, no matter the initial conditions.

Why make videos with Ein-Hashofet Productions?

Ein-Hashofet Productions has over 20 years of experience in producing industrial marketing videos and corporate videos in various industrial fields – metal, agriculture, energy, food, water, and so on. Producing an industrial marketing video requires in-depth research and understanding of the field in which the specific company is engaged. Our content people are highly experienced and have technical backgrounds – which helps us time and time again to overcome the challenges in every production. We take care to choose the most suitable equipment for each type of production – from special cameras that can be used on a difficult production site in the industry, through drones for aerial photography of huge factories, high speed cameras for special production processes and of course various options for combining advanced animations to illustrate processes.

We take care to accompany our customers from the industry throughout the project – from the script stage to the finished video.

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