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Video Production for Medical Products

The medical world is evolving and growing at a dizzying pace with a huge amount of new drugs and developments every year. Serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, cancer and many other ailments can bring people into a state of complete dependence on certain medications and treatments. These factors can all have a devastating impact on peoples’ lives, therefore hospitals in Israel and around the world make consistent efforts to improve the level of services they provide.

Medical companies all over the world are looking for solutions to cure diseases or at least significantly improve living standards through various developments – from small startups developing a revolutionary drug or product that will change the lives of many patients – to huge medical and industrial corporations that manufacture drugs for millions of patients worldwide. 

Marketing videos for hospitals

In many areas there is a lot of competition between hospitals for specific patients. Hospital wards strive to showcase their high level of professionalism, broad staff and the quality of services they provide to patients. Working in hospitals requires skill, sensitivity and experience from our production teams We work with leading hospitals, and with the best departments within the State of Israel. In addition to marketing videos, hospitals requite instructional videos often, to speen up the training process for new employees.

Videos to Attract Investors

An integral part of the world of medical developments is the recruitment of investors. Developing a drug or medical product is a very long and expensive process, and often requires raising capital from many investors. A marketing video or a professional product video makes it possible to present a concept in the making, or to demonstrate how a specific development can improve the patients’ standard of living, and thereby increase the customer base and attract important investors for further research.

Medical marketing videos are often of high technical complexity, and require a deep level of understanding down to the smallest details. Our content people have many years of experience working with the medical market and know how to adapt each video to the customer and the product, according to the requirements and the target audience.

Why produce movies with us?

For over 20 years we have been specializing in the production of marketing videos and product videos for leading medical companies in a wide range of medical fields – medical devices, medicines, hospitals and more. Our dynamic and creative team consists of professionals of the highest standards. We employ cameramen, editors, animators and content people. Everyone works hard to achieve one goal – producing quality marketing videos that will serve the purposes of your business.

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