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Corporate videos – examples

Corporate videos used to be considered a mere added bonus to any business strategy, but in today’s market, it has become an absolute necessity to ensure success. Your business can benefit from an increase in leads and sales with the use of our high-quality corporate videos and product videos. Our videos are designed to help you captivate your audience and showcase your brand in the best possible light. Not only will our videos help you position your business better, but they will also assist in increasing your overall revenue- something that all businesses strive for. With the help of our expert team, you can be confident that your corporate videos and product videos will be visually stunning and effective in meeting your business goals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business to the next level- invest in our corporate and product videos today!

All about corporate video production

Business promotional videos – From where to start?

Corporate videos have become the standard of digital marketing content. The rise of smartphones and social networks has long since outdated the traditional marketing methods of old such as leaflets, text pages and printing. A good corporate video helps a business reach out to far more customers than the static content of text and images. They feature movement, colors and animation. Studies have found that viewers stay on pages that contain video content up to 5 times longer than pages without any.

We at Ein Hashofet Productions have been specializing in the production of corporate videos for leading companies for over 20 years. Our customers are many and varied, from small companies and startups to well-known industrial and agricultural companies and also huge international corporations. We have produced for each and every client a marketing video tailored exactly to their needs and addressed to the target audience that they defined together with us.

How to produce a video that increases oconversions?

In the first stage of building the concept for producing a corporate video, we must first define what the purpose of the video is, and the target audience. These are two short but very significant questions for anyone involved in marketing and sales. Only through careful planning, professional screenwriting and using the right production tools, can we then produce a corporate video that will stand out above the competition. Defining the target audience of the film will go a long way in targeting its marketing messages, thereby making it relevant and effective for the intended viewers.

In an age where everyone has already seen it all – we cannot afford to fall into the same clichés that are used over and over again. In every project we need to reinvent ourselves in order to fight for the precious screen time of the viewer. The world of online marketing works on numbers – out of a thousand people who watched your video, a hundred will watch it to its end And ten of them will contact you. Out of those ten – only one will advance to closing a deal. Therefore, we can conclude that the more viewers watching your video, the more we will increase the funnel and give you more opportunities to close deals and realize the potential. This process might sound simple, but it’s very difficult to grab the attention of today’s audience let alone keep the same attention over time

Moral dilemma

Modern technology has created its own dilemma. On the one hand, it produces amazing visual effects, but on the other, we are facing a generation of viewers who are connected to mobile devices and have learned to filter out almost any form of content that tries to grab their attention. So, how do we make a viewer want to watch our video despite this?

The answer is simple: by providing the information that interests the viewer in such a way that presents the company or product in the most appropriate light. If we know that our target audience relates to a particular field, such as organic gardening, for example, the film should open with attractive images from that field. Beautiful vegetables, landscapes, and gardens, etc. Today, there is no room for long overtures and headlines. The video needs to get straight to the point and do so as fast as possible.

Gaining customer attention when there are thousands of distractions around has become the main task of marketing and sales professionals. Of course, not every marketing video is intended solely for the purposes of digital advertising and marketing. Many companies create marketing videos for presentations at conferences and exhibitions, face-to-face meetings with existing and potential customers, email offers, B2B communications, and brand awareness. There are even marketing videos that promote the brand in a more indirect and sophisticated way, thus bypassing the “commercial blindness” that causes viewers to ignore marketing content.

Marketing videos today must appeal to the viewer’s emotions

All designed to enable the viewers to identify with the company, brand or product. Viewers, as mentioned, do not have the attention and time to delve into data on sales volume, product lines and global brand deployment. They want to quickly understand “who they are dealing with” and to get a comprehensive picture of the company that presents itself – the brand values, vision, and emotional connection to the viewer. They can already get all the extra details by contacting the company directly if they wish.

Promotional video – A long Term Investment

Producing high-level marketing videos is a long-term investment, since from the moment it’s shared online to the world – you never know who will see it and when. Marketing video distribution options include various online media channels – YouTube, Vimeo, social networks, the company’s website and big screens at international exhibitions.

Today everyone knows that videos are accessible content, available from anywhere in the world and easy to share online. What’s more, in every production, you make sure that the video is produced in a way that will keep it relevant for as long as possible – and by doing so you ensure a more worthwhile investment. Backups of raw materials, first versions and more must be maintained – thus ensuring that whenever we want to produce a new version in another language, different length or any other change, we can do so with a minimum of time and cost.

Why produce your videos with Ein-Hashofet Productions?

Our dynamic and creative team consists of professionals of the highest standards. Cinematographers, producers, editors, animators and content people. Each and every one of them works towards the same common goal: to produce quality marketing videos that will serve the purposes of your business. One of our main advantages is the end-to-end solution that we provide for the production of marketing videos – from the concept stage and script writing, through production and animation – to the finished video. All this without the customer being required to work with several vendors.

We handle the whole process in an orderly and efficient manner to make your life easier. A key point in the marketing video production process is the understanding that not everyone understands the field. On the one hand we advocate full customer participation in the production process and full transparency. On the other hand, we understand that not everyone is free to go into all the small details of every little animation specification. By presenting important but simple options and choices to the customer, we allow you to be in complete control of the product you receive, without unnecessary burdens and the wasting of valuable time. In this way we make sure that the production of a high level, quality marketing video remains a relatively uncomplicated task that any business or company is capable of performing.

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