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Investor fundraising videos or donor fundraising videos have become one of the most powerful tools for fundraising. Whether you are looking to produce a video for innovative development, raise donations for a good cause or recruit investors at more advanced product stages, video production can definitely be the right solution for you.

All about investors recruting video production

Raising money from Investors and Donors​

Raising money from investors and donors is one of the most important and challenging areas for companies and organizations around the world. Today, fundraising is a significant part of the budgets of a large number of bodies such as academic institutions, universities, colleges and research institutions. Recently, start-up companies and charity organizations have also started to raise funds. Fundraising has always been a daunting challenge, so much so that there are people who have made this their full time profession. Many companies and organizations have appointed a designated person responsible for the issue, sometimes even on a full-time basis.

As in any field – the more entities go out looking for investors and donors, the more competition there is for the pocket of the investor or potential donor. In order to get the attention of investors and donors, fundraisers need a wide and impressive basket of resources which can include presentations, eloquent speeches, success stories, and of course – videos.

Why Use Fundraising Videos?

Videos hold a special place in the toolbox of the funraising people Video has huge advantages over other means such as presentations or meetings. You can produce animated videoslive action videos, or a combination of both. Eventually, when meeting with investors or potential donors there is a very small window of opportunity to make a first impression and get them to open their wallets. The big investors nowadays have already heard all the stories, seen all the presentations and listened to every possible request. Their time and attention are extremely short and limited. A potential investor is mainly looking for his opportunity to maximize his profits from the investment he has made, while a donor will want to know for sure that his money has been donated to a place where it will be used properly and in a true and transparent manner.

How to make successful fundraising videos?

The big advantage of an investor video is the emotional appeal. Many studies have shown that although investing is a rational action, many investors act out of instinct and gut feeling. Once a video manages to touch, excite and inspire confidence – the road to the investor’s pocket is significantly shortened. In the field of fundraising, the situation is even clearer. Donors seek the emotional connection to the organization to which they will donate. Exciting movies that tell about fundraising goals – can do wonders at big fundraising events. Moreover – unlike other means – when raising donations through video, it is not necessary to attend a face-to-face meeting with donors or investors. Fundraisers have in the past been required to fly to fundraising events in distant destinations and meet their target audience. A fundraising video is able to bring the images, sounds and feelings directly to investors and donors while saving valuable time and money from the investment fundraising process.

It is a known fact that the most important element in any movie is the story. Without a good story that will connect the viewer to the video – spectacular cinematography, sweeping music and impressive effects will not help and the video will simply not achieve its goals. This is also true and important when it comes to attracting investors and donors. In planning the production of such videos, there is a significant emphasis on writing an accurate script, tailored exactly to the target audience of investors and donors for whom the video is produced.

So why work with us?

We at Ein-Hashofet Productions have over 20 years of experience in producing videos intended to attract investors and donors. We take care to plan each production carefully – and to make sure that each video is aimed exactly at its target audience. Companies and organizations in Israel and around the world have successfully raised investments and donations with the help of videos we have produced for them. Our team includes experienced producers, screenwriters, directors, cameramen and editors. Everyone strives together for the purpose of achieving your goal: an excellent video that will stand out from the competition and help you raise investments and donations successfully.

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