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 Educational institution video – examples

Videos for educational institutions, colleges or universities are produced in a unique and different process. Usually the purpose of producing a promotional video in educational institutions is to recruit students, to help them choose the most relevant study profession for them, to recruit investors or to produce various instructional videos.

Due to the wide range of fields in which the universities engage – for each purpose it is necessary to produce the right type of video. A video for recruiting medical students will be completely different from a video for recruiting donors for new research in the field of renewable energies, for example. Videos for higher education institutions require a high level of polished production in order to meet the high standards of the academic world.

All about academia video production

Video Production for Universities, Colleges and Academia

Education is a major pillar in the economies of many countries. Universities and colleges focus on many important areas in the fields of research, higher education and the training of professionals who will lead the countries in the future. Universities have long since become extremely large bodies, numbering tens of thousands of students, and thousands of faculty lecturers, researchers and scientists.

Higher education and research institutions take great efforts to recruit and attract funding for research purposes, quality students and faculty members to their various faculties. In recent years, the digital field has become a key component in the marketing efforts of institutions of higher education. The competition is tough, and every channel is important – TV commercials, social networks and sponsored campaigns. All in order to gain the attention of the next student or researcher. Emphasis in producing videos for educational institutions and the academic field requires an in-depth understanding of the needs of the institution or faculty, and the ability to work with a broad range of lecturers and faculty members. Academic institutes are closly related to other market leaders in the medical and high tech industries, often creating joint projects in various fields.

Production of Online Distance Learning Courses

Sometimes it is necessary to produce a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in which learning material is delivered through lectures combined with graphics to convey the teaching materials. Such courses require long productions with a particularly large amount of content. In producing online courses, the production team is required to work thoroughly and methodically in collaboration with the academic staff, while meeting strict schedules for airing the content.

Videos for Educational Institutions Fundraising

Academic institutions are based on fundraising from all over the world in order to enable researchers in the various faculties to push the boundaries of science in innovative research in many fields. Fundraising requires an extensive and international marketing system. Donor recruitment videos are required to present the relevant academic faculty institution in an impressive way, with a strong emotional connection that will cause the potential donor to open the wallet.

Student recruitment videos

In the field of student recruitment – producing a promotional videofor an academic institution is the most successful way to significantly stand out from the competition and help potential students visually see all the benefits that the educational institution has to offer.

In the process of producing a promotional video, each faculty emphasizes its strengths and advantages. These videos often feature interviews with faculty graduates who are successful in the business or science community after graduating. The graduates will tell how studying at the academic institution helped them succeed in their career afterwards. In this way the video gets another layer of credibility and interest.

A combination of filming different courses, activities, testimonials from former students, potential employers, senior lecturers, etc., will help us to present the uniqueness and specialization of the academic institution.

The staff of Ein Hashofet Productions has many years of experience working with academic institutions, universities and colleges including some of the leading educational institutions in Israel. We will accompany you all the way from the concept stage, through production, to the editing and finishing stage of the video.

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