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High tech videos – examples

High tech video production must impressively convey the innovation and level of the company’s advanced technologies and products. The process of producing a product videoadvertising video or marketing video for a high-tech company can vary depending on the goals of the video, the target audience and the distribution channels of the video. But whether it is an animated video, a filmed video or a combination of the two, the technology and innovation of the subject must be integrated at the highest levels.

All about high tech video production

The Start of of the High Tech Boom

The computer industry in the world has been around since the 1960s. In the 1970s, small software and hardware development companies called “backyard companies” started to appear. They were given this name because they were set up in warehouses and garages in private homes with minimal budgets. Some of these companies were hugely successful, and the prospect of similar success ignited the imagination of an entire generation of entrepreneurs around the world. 

The 90s and the Bubble

The term “high-tech” in itself became a more common expression in the late 80s and early 90s, in parallel with the significant increase in internet usage during these years. During this period many small high tech companies were established, with the vast majority starting as a private initiative, based on a patent or a specific idea for hardware or software.

So what is high-tech in general?

The term “high-tech” comes from the words High Technology – meaning high or advanced technology. The definition for high-tech companies is that a significant part of the investment in that company is in research and development. This field is found in companies engaged in the field of computer hardware, software, and electronics. These companies are now perceived as innovative and advanced and leading in many fields.

Tough Competition

One of the main phenomena created as a result of the establishment of many high-tech companies in a relatively short period (about a decade) is strong competition in very limited areas – communications, computer hardware, software and more. If a particular company could not (or was not smart enough) to protect its products by registering patents – the door was open for competing companies pursuing the same market and customers to get a hold of the market share.

Stand Out from the Competition with creative video production

As competition increased, many high-tech companies understood the importance of marketing in all areas. Companies have started investing in booths in international exhibitions, creating elaborate websites and developing high-level marketing content. Here too, a circle of competition was created – wherein all the companies started competing with each other for who has the most impressive websites, and the biggest booths in exhibitions.

Video productions Rule!

Pretty soon high-tech companies realized the power of digital marketing through the internet and social networks, as a means of attracting investors and customers. Hi-tech companies have started producing videos for many and varied purposes such as screening on huge screens at conferences and exhibitions, for integration in company presentations, assimilation on a website and much more.

Important marketing and recruiting tool

High tech companies’ involvement in unique technological fields is often challenging when these companies try to present their products or technology. It often takes long and complex technical presentations to present abstract ideas, attract investors or sell products. This is exactly the reason why high-tech companies have harnessed the power of videos. A marketing video or a quality product video is able to convey complex information in a clear, simple and accessible way to the viewer. Instead of opening a meeting with investors or potential customers in a long presentation – a short and accurate high tech video achieves the same goal in a much better way.

Hard at work

Today there is no self-respecting high tech company without a serious and established marketing and media department. High tech companies all over the world use videos as one of their main marketing tools for a wide range of uses – corporate videos, instructional videos, product videosinvestor relations and more. The videos use the most advanced technologies – animations, virtual reality to provide the viewer with a fascinating and engaging experience.

Facing Forward

There is no doubt that the internet in general, and the media in particular, lead the world of marketing these days. To be relevant in today’s media world, and to attract the (hard to get) attention of customers, high-tech companies need to invest their resources more wisely than ever. And there is no smarter place to invest your resources than in a great video production.

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