How to produce a successful video?​

Marketing video production process
Video production process

The process of producing a marketing video varies depending on the nature and style of production which is of course a derivative of the purpose of the video, its distribution channels and the target audience.

We have been producing promotional videos for businesses for over 20 years, and despite the great differences that can exist between the different types of productions, it is certainly possible to define a common basic process, which is important to implement in every marketing video production.

All about the video production process

Planning and concept

At this stage we will define the goals of the video, the target audience and the distribution channels of the video. On the basis of these definitions we will base all of our future decisions regarding the choice of character and concept of the marketing video, so it is very important to invest time and energy in this phase and provide correct definitions.

This phase involves close work between the production company and the video producer on behalf of the client. The goal is to formulate and clarify critical details, discuss possible problems and suggest solutions. The purpose for which the customer has decided to produce the video, is the guideline for finding the heart of the video and we at Ein Hashofet Productions will do everything to provide you with a winning concept. Our professionals are highly experienced in the process of producing videos of various and diverse types and therefore will be able to provide the client with constructive comments that will help the video meet its goals.

In the stage of formulating a concept for a marketing video, we will jointly clarify the answers to the following questions with the client:

  1. What is the purpose of producing the marketing video?
  2. Who is the target audience of the video? Who are the potential customers?
  3. What are the distribution channels of the video? LinkedInFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, E-Mail, the company’s website, professional conference, etc.
  4. What are the expectations from the video?

Excellent, now we are ready to decide on the concept and nature of the production!

Now we will determine whether we want to produce a promotional video that is shot by a professional video team, or whether we might want to help with the purchase of stock footage. Also, we may want to produce an animated promotional video or a combination of the various options. From here we can embark on the process of writing a script that will explain in detail the visuals on the screen, the graphic titles and the narration that will be heard. If required, a StoryBoard video will be produced, which is actually a “visual script” drawn by a professional artist, explaining to the client what is seen in each scene in the video. This way we ensure that everyone involved in the production will speak in a common language and the idea will be understood and clear before going into production.

The process of producing a marketing video for a business

This is the stage where the concept and the script take shape.

If we choose to produce animation in our video, we will start the process of designing the concept art according to the script and in accordance with the branding of the company and the product. We will turn your models into professional 3D animations and build an entire virtual world. If we go out for filming days, we start the pre-production process. A professional shooting day consists of a broad team that includes many professionals such as directors, producers, cameramen, illustrators, recorders, assistants, makeup artists and actors. In order to get the most out of a filming day, all times and parameters must be carefully planned well in advance.

Quiet on the set! Action! Action!

Filming is finally starting. But not before we took care to optimally adapt the video and lighting equipment to the concept of the video – is it, for example, outdoor or studio video? And maybe a combination of both? We at Ein Hashofet Productions pay attention to the nature of the filming days and make all the necessary adaptations.

Business marketing video productions include – in addition to high-quality cameras – additional equipment that allows the creation of extremely complex scenes such as large cranes, aerial videography, underwater video cameras and special action cameras that can withstand harsh conditions.

Utilizing a wide range of video equipment makes it possible to obtain the highest quality results even in complex conditions. Quality video allows us to provide a finished product at a high level for every possible broadcast format from large screens, internet formats and television broadcasts.

You, as a customer, can be rest assured that on the day of the filming we will arrive with the appropriate equipment. Thanks to preliminary and meticulous planning, we will get the most out of each filming day and thus save on unnecessary additional days.

Editing the video

This is the stage where everything connects into one final video.

At this point we will take all the materials we have from the production stage (video, animation, narration, music) and with the help of advanced editing software we will go from frame to frame, cut by cut and insert, alter and move material until the best version of your video is polished and ready. The editing phase is a very complex phase and behind any quality marketing video of less than two minutes, there are weeks and sometimes months of work put in by a skilled video production team..

Successful videos are produced by high levels of coordination and cohesion during the various stages of production.

The Editor’s Note

At the end of the filming, a lot of raw material accumulates inside the hard drives. How do you edit a marketing video out of it?

  1. In the first stage, you look at the raw materials, and choose the best shots.
  2. Then the editing itself takes place, in which each clip is cut to the desired length, and so piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle, the video is built until we get a “rough Cut” – this is an initial and “rough” version of the video. This “rough cut” is an unpolished version that still lacks elements such as soundtrack, special effects, or transitions between scenes.
  3. Once the client approves this initial version, we move on to what is called the “fine cut” or final editing. At this point the video is being polished, for its various components.

Soundtrack editing and color corrections

Is the video ready for screening and distribution at the end of this stage? Absolutely not! There are two other very important steps left: sound editing and color grading.

  1. At the soundtrack editing stage, our sound designer will match the music to the movie. The music is meant to give the video the desired depth and of course make the viewers be in exactly the position we want them to be – whether tense or relaxed, energetic or curious – all this is planned in accordance with customer requirements.
  2. In the Color Grading phase, a skilled color grading person (who is not the editor) works on the video, gently and accurately matching the colors of the videos to the requirements of the director and the client. Also, if there were problems in the shooting stage (for example, too dark or too bright shots, things that need to be corrected in the picture) – it will be possible to fix them now.

Final step in video production

Now, the video is ready for delivery.

We will convert the movie from the editing system to any format requested by the client.

From the final copy we have on the editing system, we are able to produce versions for every requirement – from broadcasting on Internet platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and others as well as videos to be shown in business presentations and extremely high quality videos for screening on huge screens at exhibitions and conferences. Plus, you can easily convert the video to different languages.

We at Ein-Hashofet Productions produce our videos with intense passion for our profession, full of skill and attention to the smallest details.

You are welcome to watch our videos and be impressed by our uncompromising professional quality, which is expressed at every stage of the various production stages.

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