Professional video production for startup companies

Startup video is by far the preferred way to promote a company that is breaking new ground.

Startup explainer videos, as well as startup pitch video can make the difference between success and failure in today’s marketing world. The best startup videos will give their companies a true edge over the competition.

As a startup video production company, we have been producing some of the best startup explainer videos you came across in recent years. We have done it all: video startup animation, product demo videos for startups and much more. For each and every startup company video or startup video presentation our team finds the best techniques to convey the marketing messages, thus ensuring your  startup promo video makes a true impact.

Startup companies have become a household name in the business world of the 21st century. These companies, which often start as an individual idea or an invention, have breathed new life into the economies of many countries as undisputed engines of growth. The concept of a fresh perspective, a revolutionary patent and the vigour and creativity of young entrepreneurs all create great opportunities for investors from all fields. In recent years, the media has been reporting non-stop on the sale of startup companies in huge sums to investors and corporations. The ability to set up a company from scratch within a few years, and profit from its sale have made the field of startup companies one of the hottest topics in the business world.

The production process allows full adjustment of the video type for the relevant target audience – animation, live action or a combination of both. In the case of promotional videos for startups, this is often a target audience of potential investors, potential customers in meetings, digital distribution or videos for exhibitions. The target audience for these videos will differ from Industrial videos for example, which will require different approach.

The importance of an impressive promotional video, especially for a startup company, is critical for the challenging process of recruiting investors for a new company. 

It is as the saying goes: “there’s no second chance for a first impression”. Every meeting with potential investors can be a crucial point in a startup’s path to success. The video that presents the company or idea must be focused, clear and attractive from the first moment onwards.

We work with incubators from all fields – medicine, agriculture and technology. We specialize in developing a unique concept for each product according to the life stage of a product and the ultimate goals of video production – whether advertising or to attract potential investors, or even to produce instructional videos for products and services

Naturally, a startup company is a high-risk business. Entrepreneurs invest large sums of money in a dream and an idea that has not yet been proven, with uncertainty on the best way for attracting investors. Video production is a significant investment for a company in its infancy. We at Ein-Hashofet Productions are very experienced in accompanying the entrepreneurs throughout the process, advising and supporting all along the way – until we get the perfect video for any purpose.

Startup videos are often of high technical complexity, and require a deep level of understanding down to the smallest details. Due to the fact that many times the video is required to present to investors a product that is only in the initial design stages, or sometimes even just an idea for a patent, many videos make extensive use of 3D simulation and animations that help illustrate ideas and patents that have not yet been actually created. Our content people have many years of experience working with the various markets and know how to adapt each video to the customer according to the requirements and the target audience.

For over 20 years we have specialized in the production of promotional videos and product videos for startups and ventures in a wide variety of fields.

Our team consists of professionals at the highest level. Cinematographers, editors, animators and content people. All work hard to achieve one goal – producing quality promotional videos that will serve the purposes of your business.

Do you have a dream or idea for a startup that will change the world? A quality promotional video with us is the first stop on the road to success!