Creative & professional video production in Israel

Looking for professional video services in Israel?

Video production services

Ein Hashofet Productions is a professional video production company located in Israel with over 22 years of video production experience.

Our services include:

Multi language  content creation and scriptwriting

Location scouting and production coordination in Israel

Full crew location production

Studio & green screen production

Post production and VFX

Offline editing

Color grading

After effects

3d animation (3DS MAX, Cinema 4D)

Sound mixing and editing

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So, what can we do for you?

Located in the beautiful hills of Ramot Menashe, less than an hour drive from Tel-Aviv, we have been producing quality media for over 22 years now. We offer end to end solution for all production types. Our in-house team consists of the best professionals in Israel – Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, VFX artists and musicians. All geared towards creating the best and most effective content for you.

Amongst our clients you can find some of the biggest names in the Israeli and international markets in a verity of industries. We provide digital media production services to Israeli Start-Up, Agriculture and defense companies.

With decades of proven experience in the media market – we are your best connection to Israeli markets and beautiful locations.

Marketing videos – a tailor made comprehensive solution 

Concept   Script   Production   Filming   Animation   Editing   Narration   Sound

The bottom line is that we supply the whole production process from the beginning to the finished product with the close guidance of  experienced professionals.

Every video we produce, proves time and time again that when you do something you really enjoy – you do it in the best way possible.  

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