Video production prices

Video production price
Video production prices

The price of a promotional videos varies according to its components. A promotional video is not a shelf product and its price is determined according to the goals of the video, the target audience, the customer’s vision and of course the available budget. When producing a promotional video, there are many components that affect its cost. As with any product, video production can be adjusted to a different level depending on the budget. It is important to remember that the length of the video does not necessarily affect its cost. Sometimes the 30-second commercials you see during the TV commercial break have a much larger budget than 2-minute promotional videos you have seen elsewhere.

All about prices and budgets for video production

In short, how much does it cost?

As you already understand, the price range for video production is very wide. Generally, it can be said that the cost of producing a promotional video starts from about 3500$ + VAT and can reach costs of 26,000$ + VAT and more. It all depends on the complexity of the production and its needs.

There are cases where it is possible to shoot more than one video during the same shooting day, which significantly reduces the cost per video. On the other hand, it is very important to remember that presenting things in the best way possible takes time. So, make sure to devote the required time to filming and production and not to try to get as much as possible in as little time as possible.

Planning in Advance

Starting at the script stage we can choose from a number of options that affect the cost of producing a promotional video The more the target audience of the video is “hard to crack” – the more time is required for the creative and script stage. Should the video be funny, exciting, stressful?

At the scriptwriting stage, you have to work with the client to understand what elements the video should contain, what is the desired length and more.

Video production price list

Filming and Production

The existing technologies in the field of production and video today are many and varied. Ranging from excellent 4K quality cameras, through motion control cranes that allow complex shooting in large spaces, to drones for spectacular aerial videos. Already from the planning stage, the production equipment will be adapted to the production needs. Of course, the more production equipment there is, the more crew we will need to operate it. Crane operators, gaffers, production assistants and grip people are just some of the list.

Actors have a decisive influence on the cost of producing a promotional video – if the video’s script requires the participation of actors – this requires a complete preparation on the part of the production – makeup, clothing, food and places to get organized and rest. A video with actors will also require additional casting days of the director and producer, rehearsals and fitting days for dressing.

Editing and Animation

After the filming phase comes the post production phase. This includes editing, color grading and animation. Here too there are many components that affect production costs. The better the footage shot during production, the less color correction we will need during post production One area that is a key element in promotional videos today is the field of animation.

There are many and varied animated videos, which are used for different purposes. From simple two-dimensional animation of characters, through real estate and complex medical simulations of the human body. The type and length of the animation will significantly affect the cost of the video. For example – complex three-dimensional simulation of technical systems is a very expensive component compared to two-dimensional animation. Animations might turn out easily to be the most expensive component in the whole production.

Each video production can be produced in different and creative ways. This is where we enter the picture, so that we can tailor make the production that best suits your needs. Contact us now for more details.

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